Hi, my name is Freerk van Oudheusden and I am a freelance audio engineer. I run a home-based music studio that is well equipped for recording vocals and acoustic guitar, and mixing hit records.
For larger projects I have access to larger studios. Contact me if you have a music project in mind. I'd love to hear your plans or ideas, and help you make them a reality.



My home-based studio has all equipement necessary to record singer-songwriters, acoustic guitar and other acoustic instruments. For larger project, such as bands or ensembles, there are options to access larger studios.




Whether we've recorded your song together, or you've recorded your song on your own and send me the separate tracks, I can mix your song to a hit-potential track, radio ready. 



If your song is mixed, it's almost ready. Final step is to bring it up to the level for streaming or cd. Sometimes the mix needs little equalizing or other tweaks. This process is called mastering.