The moment I say: "Tape's rolling", that's truly magic. Capturing that moment when a band plays, and they lock together and the song evolves into something more than just notes. It is also one of the most tense moments in an artist's life. Now they have to perform, together.

Or when a singer is giving it their all, also magical: eyes closed, headphones on their ears, alone in the world of the song. Or a guitar player, adding some funky licks or beautiful shimmering chords to the track. 

It's one of the coolest things to do in life: recording an artist or a group of artists. 


Mixing is something different - it's where my job becomes creative. Although some parts of the process of mixing are straight forward, other parts are a creative process, such as searching for nice rhythmic tricks, or stereo balancing. Mixing is playful , one can really sculpt a song, and make it sound even better than itself. On the other hand it's a technical job: gain staging, compressing, dynamic EQ-ing, gating, all of which require an experienced hand to control them. 


The biggest part of mastering is bringing the song to a sound level (volume) that matches the medium it will be used for: CD or streaming. The adjustments during this process are tiny, sometimes small amounts of equalizing are applied or some compression to add a little punch. It is the final step before a song goes public, and an important one. 

Audio projects


Recording a single, an EP or a complete album can be, or become quite a project. Organising, planning, keeping track of all arrangements in a song, what needs to be recorded. Plus quality control: are the recorded parts good enough to make it to the final mix? Contact me for an informative chat. I look forward to hearing from you.



It's my job to make your audio work...


Studio FREERK offers high quality sound engineering. I strive to deliver better than the best and I do not stop until the job is done.